Yours Truly ~

Hello all,
  I'm Jenn. I am 25 years old. I am a mother to three Beautifully/ hectic daughters Jasmine, Joslynn, and Jaelynn. 7,6,3.. I'm married to Jason, who is Prior service. He was in the Coast Guard for almost 7 years. He is currently about to leave for the Army.

I am from a little town in the middle of B.F.E. Ohio, My little town consist of 6 churches and 5 bars, Use to have more bars then Churches but now I think they are over compensating for something.. ha ha I crack me up!

Well lets see what can I say for myself.... Hmm well I have the perfect life I dance in fields of daisies everyday. I love to wear long dresses and twirl around and around. Oh me and my hubby have the perfect marriage and my children never disobey...

PSYCH... I am non of the above. My children are hell raiser but I wouldn't change them for anything. The keep me old. My hubby and I well I love him more than myself and could not ask for a better man, But come on y'all I would love to take a water balloon filled with raccoon piss and through it in his face at least twice if not three times a day. I'm sure he would love to do this to me too :) However if we get real mad at each other instead of arguing we load up our Air soft gun and have a little war. It re leaves a lot of pressure and nobody gets hurt.

I stand for telling the truth. This is one reason I started this blog. I really got tired of reading about everyone and their perfect lives on those social networks. I mean don't get me wrong I am still an addict for my FB but I can do without the perfectness. It is sad, I know but when one of my friends writes about her and her hubby getting in a fight I smile... Because she is not scared to say "Hey look life isn't all butterflies and Rainbows".

I've not had the easiest life in the world but I make do, because it does kinda Rock now, but believe me we have some shaky seas at times and no I'm not being dirty! Pull your head out of the gutter.

I'm a tomboy. I love getting dirty. I love my guns SO DON'T TREAD ON MY RIGHTS! Softball, singing, taking pictures and thinking I'm good at it, Cooking. There is many more...

I have lived in the U.P. of Michigan,  Oregon. And * Alaska < I miss all of them everyday. But looking forward to North Carolina..

Well I know you all are so disappointed but that's all I can think of right now.. It's OK you can cry..

~ Meet the Arcuragi Clan ~

~ Here is Jason and Jennifer ~
We are fun loving. We love riding our 4 wheeler, skeet shooting, paint balling, jet skiing, roller coasters. We are thrill junkies almost to a fault. But when we are not doing any of this we just sit around the house and spend time together. We will do anything for anyone and I am the biggest push over on the planet I do believe. But this is who we are so take it or leave it.

Meet Jasmine Nevaeh ~
our eldest She was Born Dec. 30, 2004. She was born premature. I was 34 weeks pregnant when out of the blue my water began to leak. I had never had any issues during the pregnancy I never even got morning sickness. Jason was in Boot Camp and was not able to be there for her birth. She is our little Miracle Baby so are Joslyyn and Jaelynn , But Jazzy had a little more of a fight. The doctors thought the odds were against her she went through a lot but in the end she pulled through the first 14 hours she was fighting a fight. Then out of no where she pulled through. They told me she would probably be in the NICU for a month or two but she said different. She was released 1 week after being born. She surprised all the doctors. In my photos you will see my favorite photo. That is the moment I handed Jason his little girls for his first time ever holding her or looking into her little eyes.
We had some complications she ended up having to have hear tear ducks opened when she was 1. She also now has ADHD. We do not treat it with medication. I use flax seed oil in her food and it helps a lot. She is our dare devil. You can not hurt this child believe me she has tried many times. She is a lot like me when I was young a big tomboy. We are never unamused by her.

This was taken 14 hours after she was born. She was finally out of the incubator and off the breathing machine and breathing
on her own.

 As you can see she waisted no time or energy to get plump lol.

  Meet Joslynn Lachey~
She was born in Michigan at our first duty station 11 months after Jasmine. She was born Dec 19,2005. We were due to leave two days after she came. And we did it was not to fun. I went in for a routine check up before I went on our long car ride back to Ohio to visit. Before going to Oregon. I had planned on having her in Ohio at the same place I had Jaz. She had other plans. I went in and the told me I was 4 centimeters Dilated. That I had to be admitted. We were at the hospital for 6 hours trying to get her to participate in the process but she wanted to stay at 4. The nurses were cracking up because I was dilated to 4 and not hurting at all you couldn't even tell I was in labor. Finally I was at 6 and still no pain. I loved it .. Then one hour earlier she was out. It was great pain free and no medication to boot. Wonderful.
She is my whiner / Princess. She is artistic in the way she dresses her self which I love. She is for sure a I'm my own person kinda girl.


Meet Jaelynn Nazarah ~
Oh Baby Jae. Well she is our Youngest She was born in Oregon at our second duty station. She was born on July 18, 2008. I went into labor on my birthday with her. We was on our way to Dairy Queen to get my Ice cream cake and bam into labor I go.I kept telling my Hubby it was just braxton hicks. Well after and hour in a half of bending over the chair screaming, Him and my Friend Tina made me go in. 6 hours later she came out. She hurt a lot lol. But once again no medication. I'm telling you it is the best thing in the world to do to go natural. For me anyway.
She is a I have to have it my way kinda girl. And she will find a way to get it. She is a mix between a Tomboy, princess, and Diva. She will be a good con artist.

Now last but not least meet our Fur-Babies
Camo He is our Boxer he is a big Baby. He will be 4 years old in January.

Meet Mater ~ Like Tamater without the Ta.. He is our English Mastiff he is a real big baby and a duh all the time.
He will be 2 in May.

They love each other..

That's it that is who I am. Hope everyone has a great UBP.

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