Saturday, June 20, 2015

So much has changed

Well so much has changed since my last post. I am now a Stay at home Mom again until I can find another job but really liking the time off. We bought a new house, we have chickens and way to many animals! But we love them. One of my proudest changes is I learned how to sew. I am the Blue Line Kids Liaison for Wives Behind the Badge and we send quits to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. I'm still learning but with everyone I do I get better, and knowing they are going to a child who may find comfort really makes it worth it. I have yet to make myself one but one day I will. Here are a few I have made. I'll start making instructions on how I do them eventually but right now they are just very basic beginner quilts.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Old Dresser, New Closet

I do not ever have enough room for the girls clothes. So when it came time to throw away a dresser we bought them in Alaska, I couldn't bring myself to do it since it cost almost $350.00 and was only two years old. So the Hubs had turned it into a toy chest but it was so big in the small play room and just allowed for more and more toys to gather into it that I decided it was way to big for that. So with some thinking I remembered we had had some metal poles from the trampoline cage that we wasn't using anymore. Since he already took out the rails from the drawers and it was completely gutted, all I had to do was drill out holes big enough for the rail to fit through. And wallah!!! you have a closet perfect for a little kid.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wall of Organization..

Well, last year I was getting tired of the kids backpacks ending up on a chair, floor, left in the car, so on and so forth. Well, I as well as many others am completely addicted to Pinterest. I seen  a version of this organization wall. I couldn't find any medal paper racks for a good price, So my Hubs helping me look for everything, came up with the clip boards. I love this idea, the girls can hang their folder on them and through out the week take them down and use them to write on.. (Oh yeah, they are held up with Velcro . Actually everything is. Except the baskets). I noticed on Pinterest a lot of the ones I seen seemed so expensive, So my goal was to do this while spending no more than $15.00. So here it is. I'm going to be adding somethings to it but this is the rough draft.

Clip boards  3 x $.98 =  $2.94 k-mart
Velcro 2 (packs) @ $1.00 ea. = $2.00 dollar  general
Plastic Hooks 1 (pack) $1.75 k-mart
Wooden Picture Frames 3 x .50 = $1.50 walmart- These have no glass so you have to get plastic or glass to go in.
Paint I already had but a bottle runs $1.12 (I used  Apple Barrel Acrylic- Rustic Red)
Pictures developed at CVS $2.34  
Baskets are really shower soap hangers 2 x $.25 = $.50 (On clearance Dollar General)

Grand Total: $12.15

It's not perfect but it works. 

My next craft is going to be revamping old t-shirt for the girls. I've been cutting everything up. Stay tuned for pics of that.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good to be back

Wow it has been awhile since I have been one here. Seems so much has been going on and no time to do anything for myself these days. So what has been going on new in my life wow lets see. My baby girl Jaelynn has started school. Seems like she was just born yesterday.

My Jasmine and Joslynn are doing great in school this year and I could not be happier.
They both are in Girl Scouts and love it!
Miss Joslynn got glasses and she looks adorable!

Jasmine is growing into a wonderful young lady. She is becoming more mature everyday. We are looking into getting her a bow for Christmas because she wants to get into archery.
She also got a Rabbit that she takes great care of.

The Hubby has graduated the Police Academy and is now looking to become a cop. I am so proud of him he has been working his butt off for the past 5 months. Now just cant wait to get out of this limbo (financially) we have been in for the past few years and get our lives going again. Although looking at my life I would say I'm pretty Rich as it is.
Who needs money right?

Now for me.. Hmm I am working full time and am now the president of the PTO for Jaelynns schools and the chair person for the parents committee for her school too. I am so addicted to the show Sons of Anarchy and the Walking Dead now. lol :) Oh and I wrote a children's book that will go no farther than being given away for free to the 1st grade class at my girls school. I am still proud of it though. So other than your everyday craziness of being a mother nothing to exciting.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here I go again - adventures in baking take 2~

Chocolate cream pie - In a box. Seriously!

OK I have done it yet again and completely ignore my previous post about being able to make it if it's in a box. Because I have proved that wrong.

Here we go.

Yap you are seeing this correctly. Everything I needed was here in this box. I haven't had time to go to the store to get stuff to try the banana cream pie again. I had this in the cabinet and decided hm I can do this. How hard could it be? Everything went to a T. I made the pre-packaged crust turned out OK. Then I mixed the INSTANT chocolate pudding. Then the last step mix the whipped topping. HA HA HA HA Right because that's going to work! Here is my whipped topping.

I sat there and whipped the hell out of this cream. I sat there from 4:03 till 4:19 it only called for 3 min. It did not want to budge. I mean what is it? I think all the desserts in the world are joining an alliance against me. It's like they sit there and say "oh yeah lets make her think she has got this. Then BAM we will take her out just as she thinks she has won." I mean I know I have my "chicken of the sea moments"(my word for blonde.) but come on...

So the girls again standing around going 
 "Mommy what did you do now." Err. Evil children.. At this point I throw in the towel and admit defeat and sit my plump butt down on the couch. Then out of nowhere DING! The light goes off. (it usually takes awhile for this to happen.) ha ha little evil dessert creatures who try to bring me down every time.
Enters -

take that beaches - Reddi wip does this girl good.. So as it may not be as good as the original, it's still pie like it or not!


My baby girl!

So we are teaching Jaelynn how to spell and read. So with her only being 3 I decided to play games with it. She will come out of her room at least twice a night after bed time and will come in and say "can I get a hug?" then she will walk away and then come back out and say "can I get a kiss?" Well I decided to make a game out of it so when she came out and asked for a hug I asked her "well how do you spell hug?" At first she had no clue. But she picked it up right away and now all day I get asked " Can I get a H U G huggg" then I say How 'bout a?" she smiles real big and says " K I SS kiss". So this is one Spelling lesson I am glad I taught her.  Because I LOVE IT!!!

Just wanted to share her cuteness Hope you all like.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventures in Baking ~

OK y'all I am not a baker. I can cook meals like no other. I am pretty good at that but baking as in desserts, unless in comes in a box I suck grass hoppers. Now my Hubby on the other hand is our baker in the Family. He makes all the pies for the holidays. He makes his own crust and it is wonderful. I will put the recipe for his crust up when I go to try again on my pie..

So you don't believe me? You ask how can on mess up Banana Cream Pie? Hm well this girl CAN do it!

Example number 1.

My first attempt at Banana Cream Pie ~

OK there is nothing about this that looks good at all. I was so excited this morning to get up and check it out and decorate it. I get up open the fridge to see a complete massacre. I mean really how do you mess this up? My hubby has been making fun of me all day. The girls keep rubbing it in my face by saying "Mommy what did you do to it?"

BOX you ask? Jennifer pudding comes in a box. That's all you had to do. Cut up two Bananas and a 6 serving box of instant pudding, and whip cream. Where did you go wrong?

I have felt like pure crap about this. Well me and my Hubby are sitting here and I was telling him "Well I guess I can start a blog post about my mess up baking adventures." Then laughing he looks at me and says " Jenn it may not have been that bad, I bought the cook and serve instead of the instant."

Umm What!!!!! No he didn't.. This is the time when I want to throw that raccoon pee in his face! You know I would but I can't really be mad at him because as I know nothing about this I don't even know if that is wrong or not. LMAO.

This woman needs HELLLLLPPPP!