Monday, April 9, 2012

Room do-over

Wanted to share another crafted project by the Arcuragi Clan. Which in all actuality means my hubby and I just pointed and said ha ha. OK so when we moved into this little Shack with walls it was horrible. I thought I had before photos of the room but I can not find them. It had ugly red walls, I love red but in a 10 X 10 < not lying. Space it looks like someone has taken and murdered a poor helpless creature . So for future reference please do not do this. Also not only did it have ugly red walls but the ceiling was caving in. As if that's not enough there was holes in the walls
and the carpet was hideous.

We started with replacing the whole ceiling and let me tell you that was a ( female dog in heat ) if I ever seen one. I think the Hubby lost a lot of hair in this process. Soon he decided to recruit my Dad. However they did trust me with the drill to put the drywall screws in. I give my self a pat on the back I did beautifully. After the ceiling we ( my hubby) patched the holes.

Then we took down all the trim and cleaned, sanded, and painted all of them. I was actually able to do this he he. We painted it a off white/ beige color and the walls a light brown/green color.

We then searched all over to find the best price on flooring and Lowe's ended up having the best price. Before putting the floor down we used KILZ primer on the OSB to kill mold , odors or anything that may have been there. So with a whole weekend gone we now have a toy room this Momma is one happy Lady!
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