Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My baby girl!

So we are teaching Jaelynn how to spell and read. So with her only being 3 I decided to play games with it. She will come out of her room at least twice a night after bed time and will come in and say "can I get a hug?" then she will walk away and then come back out and say "can I get a kiss?" Well I decided to make a game out of it so when she came out and asked for a hug I asked her "well how do you spell hug?" At first she had no clue. But she picked it up right away and now all day I get asked " Can I get a H U G huggg" then I say How 'bout a?" she smiles real big and says " K I SS kiss". So this is one Spelling lesson I am glad I taught her.  Because I LOVE IT!!!

Just wanted to share her cuteness Hope you all like.

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