Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventures in Baking ~

OK y'all I am not a baker. I can cook meals like no other. I am pretty good at that but baking as in desserts, unless in comes in a box I suck grass hoppers. Now my Hubby on the other hand is our baker in the Family. He makes all the pies for the holidays. He makes his own crust and it is wonderful. I will put the recipe for his crust up when I go to try again on my pie..

So you don't believe me? You ask how can on mess up Banana Cream Pie? Hm well this girl CAN do it!

Example number 1.

My first attempt at Banana Cream Pie ~

OK there is nothing about this that looks good at all. I was so excited this morning to get up and check it out and decorate it. I get up open the fridge to see a complete massacre. I mean really how do you mess this up? My hubby has been making fun of me all day. The girls keep rubbing it in my face by saying "Mommy what did you do to it?"

BOX you ask? Jennifer pudding comes in a box. That's all you had to do. Cut up two Bananas and a 6 serving box of instant pudding, and whip cream. Where did you go wrong?

I have felt like pure crap about this. Well me and my Hubby are sitting here and I was telling him "Well I guess I can start a blog post about my mess up baking adventures." Then laughing he looks at me and says " Jenn it may not have been that bad, I bought the cook and serve instead of the instant."

Umm What!!!!! No he didn't.. This is the time when I want to throw that raccoon pee in his face! You know I would but I can't really be mad at him because as I know nothing about this I don't even know if that is wrong or not. LMAO.

This woman needs HELLLLLPPPP!


  1. Yeah, I am not much of a baker either but love to cook and seem to cook pretty well. I think there is a rule you can't be great at both. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your newest follower.

  2. Ya we will go with that cant be good at both lol. I also think my hubby sneaks in and does something to my desserts just because he doesn't want me to show him up. Lol. Thanks for following hope I keep it interesting enough.