Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It wasn't me, It was Camo

   So just in case you came here to get ideas on how to be a good mother and do everything right well I warn you turn away now.. As a matter of fact run for your life!

As I try to be a perfect Wife , Mother , Friend well I fall short. What made me write about this you ask? Well I found a picture of my Youngest Jaelynn and Our boxer Camo who happen to be best friends and I'm starting to think it's because of this photo. I am married to Jason for alomost 8 years now and have been together 10. I have 3 daughters Jasmine 7, Joslynn 6, and Jaelynn aka Baby Jae 3. Two dogs Camo a boxer and Mater an English Mastiff. We also have a cat Hannibal but he has decided to only show up when the coast is clear which is after the hell raiser go off to la la land. Being a mother is wonderful but lets face it there are days I would rather run my car into a pole. j/p... I think

OK to get to the point here is example # 1

Where was I on this one? Hmmm...
Yes you are seeing this correctly my daughter is covered in Peanut butter and Mr. Camo is acting all innocent.
Well where was I? The answer is I was looking for Thing 1 and Thing 2. Put the laundry away and come back into the kitchen to realize they was gone and very quiet. Well the bad mother I am left the peanut butter out which resulted in this. I found them both in the kitchen closet . Her smearing it all over herself and Camo licking away.

More Lessons on what not to do coming soon..

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