Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Our America!

So I've been thinking . It's hard being a military wife. Husband goes to boot camp, you go into premature labor and have to have a baby without the love of your life there to meet your baby with you. Then go into labor three days before you leave for your next unit and your hubby is there for it but has to leave 2 days later for 2 months. Then you have your third child and he is able to be there for 4 months after her birth,  Then you leave that unit and he is gone for 265 out of that year. All the while you are left alone to coupe with it all by yourself. As much as family helps it's not the same.
Then you have birthdays with your kids, and try to make the most of it without daddy being there. Spending almost ever valentines day alone , celebrating wedding anniversary's with out the man you married , first day of school and all you can do is take pictures and try to tell him what happened through them. Then one day being the not single married women because you have him there with you, and then switching to the single married women the next if that makes since.

As I read back over this I can't help but think how did I do this? Then I think of him. I was able to see our daughters face when she entered this world I was able to hold her ,kiss her , feed her change her diaper , I was able to hold her hand on her first new year in her life , take pictures and write letters to him to tell him how beautiful she was I was able to see in person the beauty she withheld, and he was not. He had to see through pictures which came on a Monday and you wasn't able to look at or read mail until Sunday he had to wait one whole week to see her beauty , he had to wait one whole week to read how beautiful she was, how little and fragile she was , and didn't get to see her until she was 2 months old.
Then after watching his second daughter coming into the world , He had to leave us again and then leave again after our third daughter came while it's hard to have to be the one who has to stay back. It takes something completely different to know you have to leave you have no choice . Not being able to be there when you daughter turns 1 ,2,3,4,5,etc. Not being able to be there to see her start her first day of school . I know what all of this feels like to me except the fact I was able to be here for all of this and I am so thankful for that. I don't know how they do it and then you stop to think that some don't ever even get to see or hear of any of this. They don't get to even have a choice to feel the pain of not being able to see their first child be born, or start school or get married .

  So with this I am thankful for my life and so grateful for my rock, my husband. As much as this can make me sad I am happy to have it I wouldn't change it for anything I just wish we could give them back the pain of what they have had to go through for all of us so we can sleep good at night, take showers everyday when some don't get to for months. Go to school, go to work, and eat this is the stuff we get to do everyday and they don't . We can sit at our tables at night with our families and be grateful that we don't have to be the ones to look death straight in the face and decide your life or theirs all because they are told to survive. I am so grateful that I can even sit here at my computer in my warm home and be able to write this. I'm am grateful for you the men and women of the UNITED STATES MILITARY who have to loose all of this so we can enjoy it you are our strength ,courage , and most of all you are AMERICA!

Thank you for everything you don't have to do!

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful post for our military! And for our amazing military wives (like you!!).