Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wall of Organization..

Well, last year I was getting tired of the kids backpacks ending up on a chair, floor, left in the car, so on and so forth. Well, I as well as many others am completely addicted to Pinterest. I seen  a version of this organization wall. I couldn't find any medal paper racks for a good price, So my Hubs helping me look for everything, came up with the clip boards. I love this idea, the girls can hang their folder on them and through out the week take them down and use them to write on.. (Oh yeah, they are held up with Velcro . Actually everything is. Except the baskets). I noticed on Pinterest a lot of the ones I seen seemed so expensive, So my goal was to do this while spending no more than $15.00. So here it is. I'm going to be adding somethings to it but this is the rough draft.

Clip boards  3 x $.98 =  $2.94 k-mart
Velcro 2 (packs) @ $1.00 ea. = $2.00 dollar  general
Plastic Hooks 1 (pack) $1.75 k-mart
Wooden Picture Frames 3 x .50 = $1.50 walmart- These have no glass so you have to get plastic or glass to go in.
Paint I already had but a bottle runs $1.12 (I used  Apple Barrel Acrylic- Rustic Red)
Pictures developed at CVS $2.34  
Baskets are really shower soap hangers 2 x $.25 = $.50 (On clearance Dollar General)

Grand Total: $12.15

It's not perfect but it works. 

My next craft is going to be revamping old t-shirt for the girls. I've been cutting everything up. Stay tuned for pics of that.

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